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Systems Loss On The Down Trend As Elevated Meter Centers Now On Its Third Phase PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Ivan Jones M. Colita   


A brand new year and yet the goal to bring down systems loss even lower remains a big challenge. Having set that goal in mind, the Cotabato Light team braces on for the ride of their lives as threats and opportunities will surely sprout along the way. But nevertheless, with the team’s passion to fulfill the tasks and with the usual management support, that goal will eventually be attained.

The Cotabato Light Elevated Meter Centers Project that helps trim down systems loss.

Today, with the same approach as that of last year but in a much intensified level of the energetic and determined Cotabato Light team, the company pushes further the meter clustering project.

As load centers are being monitored on a monthly basis, electric-pilferage prone areas are now more visible to the technical eye. Thus, knowing where to focus our energy and effort tends to save valuable time and effort in addressing our problem head-on.

A validation to this was the recently completed second phase of meter clustering bearing much fruit as system loss has been continuously going down. Company statistics showed that systems loss dropped from January-10.42% to December-9.12% as of last year data.

Everyone is very excited with this trend, but also anticipating to a more challenging months ahead. With this development, the team has been constantly evolving seeking for more innovations intended solely to reduce systems loss even further – thus the revolutionary Elevated Meter Centers (EMCs) take its new form and onto its third phase.

Now, broader areas will be monitored and covered when EMCs are in place.  And, the tireless and determined front liners of anti-pilferage team or better known as A-Team crews still has so much to do.  Though the war against electric pilferers is an uphill battle but the dedicated A-teams will never cease to stop them.  When accomplished, this will serve as a testament to the hardworking men and women of Cotabato Light that no matter how bumpy and rough the ride will be, with teamwork, sheer determination and faith in God, it can be done.

The Cotabato Light A-Team crews are headed by Albert Pacana, Hernan Ruelles, and Engr. Christopher Tocao. The A-team in collaboration with the Power Metering personnel composed of Engrs. Cyril Culanag, Mark Sardan and a handful of contractors work vigorously to have the job done.  All teams are supervised by Engr. Arsenio L. Jovero III.  //