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AEV – RMD Conducts Roadshow For Cotabato Light And Davao Light PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Donjie Gentiles Vertuoso   

WHO WE ARE: The AEV-RMD presents to Cotabato Light and Davao Light Officers its new and dynamic roles and services of which they are mandated to perform in collaboration with each Aboitiz group BUs./

As mandated, the Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) Reputation Management Department (RMD) conducted a roadshow to Cotabato Light and Davao Light executives and officers on March 14 held at the latter’s conference room.  AVP for Branding and Corpcom Ms. Carol Ballesteros presented the various product and services of RMD has to offer to all business units (BU’s) of Aboitiz group.  While, Chief Reputation Officer (CRO) Basti Lacson also gave some insights and enlightenment of RMD’s role, and AboitizPower branding activities alignment with each BU.

A glimpse of RMD's new organizational structure was shown to give everyone an update on the wider scope of responsibility of Reputation Management. In general, RMD handles the Brand Management, Corporate Communications, Online Communications, and Sustainability. In each specialized responsibility or functional group, the RMD presented various performance matrixes that will be the basis of annual evaluation on how each BU complied with AEV-RMD requirements.

To have a deeper understanding of Aboitiz Brand’s “health”, the result of the 2010 1st Aboitiz Nationwide Reputation Survey was also briefly discussed with the group. The survey result serves as a spring-board for each BU on where they would focus their respective branding strategies on a macro perspective.

During the various presentations, Cotabato Light and Davao Light officers also took the opportunity to clarify some issues and concerns regarding the RMD’s projects, activities and criteria, including that of AboitizPower branding campaign.

The BU’s officers present were Cotabato light and Davao Light COO Art Milan and AVP for Engineering Rodger Velasco, VP Cris Ferolino, PP Manager Jun Ticzon and Branding and CorpCom Officer Donjie Vertuoso of Cotabato Light.  While Davao Light officers were VP for HR Lito Ortiz, AVP for Branding and CorpCom Ross Luga, and Supervisor Emily Cancio. AboitizPower VP for Distribution-CSG Bien Garcia was also present.

Aside from Mr. Lacson and Ms. Ballesteros, the other AEV-RMD teams present were Sustainability Manager Marge Gravador, Online Communication Manager Jovy Tan, CorpCom Officer Ms. Theresa Gonzales, Creative Communication Officer Evelyn Paul and Brand Officer Trixie Ylaya. //