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Cotabato Light in Sync for Final stage of Synergee PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Ivan Jones M. Colita   

SYNERGEE SYNCRONIZATION: Engr. Ern Jine Amador is using Synergee’s Time Range Analysis to have a “picture” of Cotabato Light total Kwhr Load per feeder, including that of technical systems loss.

As the company shifts to full throttle in its battle for system’s loss, sophisticated softwares come to light.  One of which is through the utilization of the so-called Synergee - a powerful software designed for profiling a distribution utility’s network.

Cotabato Light Engineers Christopher Ven (GIS) and Ern Jine Amador (Planning & Design) work as tandem in laying out the framework for the utility’s power system network with which some of Davao Light’s personnel is extending their expertise.

After months of pain-staking hard work and sacrifice, Cotabato Light’s technical losses come to picture, detailing which primary feeder lines have the most cases of losses to prioritize.

Basing the analysis from the identified feeder and subsequently breaking down to its manageable segments – the so called load centers. From here, plans will be aligned to implement its loss reduction program.

Moreover, one of the benefits of having a detailed network embedded in software will be during scheduled interruptions by specifying the nodes and components to isolate, team leaders and planners can work things around to mitigate the impact on affected customers.

Since time immemorial, Cotabato Light has locked its target at these losses and unwaveringly battling to bring it down further. With this software in grasp and an energetic team working hand-in-hand - surely teamwork at its best results in a synergy that can be very productive. //