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Written by Edmundo Teves   

Just recently this year, Cotabato Light & Power Co. was granted an Air Pollution Control and Waste Water Discharge Permits renewable every five (5) year- period.

Previously, the renewal of said permits was done every year but with DENR EMB-12 new upgraded policy, Cotabato Light applied for five-year renewable permits both for Air and Water Pollution control.  Upon compliance of all necessary requirements and with company’s good reputation, the application was granted.  Cotabato Light’s Pollution Control Officer (PCO) Engr. Jun Ticzon Jr. facilitated the compliance procedures.

Both Permits are very vital for the company's operation and in the absence of which would mean Violations to RA 8749 (The Clean Air Act of 1999 & RA 9275 The Clean Water Act of 2004) respectively.

The effectivity of said permits are as follows: Waste Water Discharge Permit was issued January 18, 2011 and will expire January 05, 2016. Air Pollution Permit was issued April 11, 2011 and will expire April 18, 2016.  Any violations to this law will not only cost the company huge penalties but consequently tarnish the good brand name of Cotabato Light being one of the members of the Aboitiz Group of   Companies.

With this scenario, it is much favorable to Cotabato Light considering the risk and cost of going to Koronadal City, and eliminating any additional provisions that may come up within five (5) years if renewed annually. Though, one of the Permit Condition is that it has to be complied with the regular submission of PCO Notarized Self Monitoring Reports (SMR) quarterly up to the next renewal on 2016. //