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Written by Donjie Gentiles Vertuoso   

ITS GAME TIME! The Cotabato Light team is enjoying the LEAP-Brand Day game “paper-tower” which was facilitated by Branding and Corpcom Officer Donjie G. Vertuoso.

In the Aboitiz group, helping others is an integral part of its business. Through its various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, it helps people to help themselves.  Among its core CSR projects are Tree Planting, Scholarships Program, School buildings donations, computers and a lot more.  With these initiatives, the company becomes an agent of change for a better future, while maximizing the value of the firm’s reputation.   Thus, we take pride being a member company of the AboitizPower.

This 4th quarter Learn and Experience AboitizPower (LEAP) Brand day theme was all about Corporate Social Responsibility.   It was held at Cotabato Light conference room on December 14 which was attended by 65 team members in two-batches.  The highlight of this LEAP day was the video presentation on what the Aboitiz group has done to our fellowmen and to environment.  Everyone was inspired knowing how we have touched other people’s lives through our CSR activity.

During the event, the team members also made their financial donations for the victim of typhoon Pablo.  The Cotabato Light team raised more than Eleven Thousand pesos, aside from the used clothing they donated.

To add more fun, there was also a game on construction of “paper-tower” using the old newspapers emphasizing on 3Rs – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.  The event was indeed fun and challenging as everyone tried to win.  The winning team received brand items from AboitizPower. There were also other AP brand items that were raffled and given away to team members present.

The event ended with a high hopes that next year would always be a better year, for there are committed and responsible people who are willing to help like the Aboitiz group and its employees.