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Written by Donjie Gentiles Vertuoso   


Everyday, there are lots of telephone call about customer inquiries, requests and complains received by Cotabato Light and Power Company (CLPC).  Thus, prompt, courteous and accurate information are necessary to build better understanding and better customer service.

In its desire to continually improve the level of customer experience, Cotabato Light launched its new Call Service Center Service facility on October 16, 2013.  With this innovation, the customers will just remember one number to dial - its 520-2572 (CLPC).

With this service facility, the electric utility will use state of the art telephone system called VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, and Direct Inward Dialing (DID).

According to CLPC Corporate Communication Officer Donjie Vertuoso - “Though, it is still on pilot stage, we are happy and excited to inform our customers with this new telephone system we have. This will definitely help us in handling customer inquiries and improve our monitoring of requests and complains.”

This Call Center Service facility is already operational inpngoitiz group electric distribution utilities like Davao Light, Visayan Electric Company and Subic Enerzone Corporation.