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Reaping the Success of Cotabato Light's Scholar PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Michelle P. Prudente   

Omar E. Akmad, the first student to graduate from our Customers Dependent's Scholarship Program, received his Diploma from Notre Dame University on March 23. Omar, now preparing for review to take the Certified Public Accountant's board exam is forever grateful for the assistance given him by Cotabato Light and Power Company thru Aboitiz Foundation Inc. He had received 30,000/semester benefit since his First Year until graduation, or approximately around 250,000.00.

Omar came from a family whose mother is solely raising him and his other two siblings. His  father suffered a brain stroke and was bedridden for almost five years.  The latter fell into tears when Omar placed over him his toga as  “a gift” for him. As what Omar said, the happenings in his life made him stronger. His hardships became his strength, and now he is definitely on his way to reap his success!